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Blockage of the tear drainage system is a common cause of painless and spontaneous tearing. 

 The affected eye or eyes have to be frequently wiped throughout the day as the tears drain onto the skin. Often the skin itself becomes irritated and red from the wiping. Sometimes the tears can drain out at very inappropriate times during social encounters.Why obstruction of the tear drainage system occurs is not well understood. There can be an association with sinus problems, and low grade infection of the system can lead to scarring and blockage. Some people have a problem with the eyelid not being flush against the eye, ectropion of the eyelid, and tears thus have no way to enter the lachrymal puncta to drain away. Certain medications can lead to scarring to the tear drainage symptoms. Rarely, tumor can obstruct the system.

Treatment is aimed at establishing a diagnosis and a probable cause for the obstruction. Fluid irrigation of the system using a smooth tube can help to determine exactly where the system is blocked. Sometimes the nasal cavity needs to be examined to see if any blockage is present there. In some cases the use of steroid-antibiotic eyedrops with oral decongestants may help to open the system and relieve the tearing. Warm compresses applied to the inside corner of the eye may help as well. In cases where nothing seems

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